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The Kundalini Activation Process, better known as KAP, is a powerful practice founded by Venant Wong that has been gaining attention in wellness and personal growth circles. This technique is a direct transmission of energy that awakens and elevates Kundalini energy, our vital energy. The transmission of KAP is different from other practices related to generating Kundalini energy such as Kundalini Yoga. It is life force that descends from above the crown chakra and reaches the root chakra, where it eventually activates the Kundalini and begins to flow in a balanced way in both directions.

Unlike other practices where one self-generates the energy within oneself, this practice does not require any prior preparation and the recipient is not required to do anything. The facilitator makes a direct transmission while the participants lie down on a mat with their eyes closed and palms up at the side of their bodies.
The environment is carefully prepared to create a relaxed and receptive atmosphere. Next, the facilitator plays appropriate music and begins to transmit, sometimes touching specific points on the participants’ bodies, such as chakras or meridians. And that’s it! It sounds crazy, but the transmission happens.
Each session is different from the last, and there are a variety of things that can happen in them. To name a few, you may experience:
  • Vibration or a warm energy moving through the body.

  • Visual experiences: seeing lights, colors, having astral travel or visions.

  • Emotions or feelings: crying, laughing or screaming. All emotional states are welcome as there is a release of blockages and energies. The reality is that many times we have had to put emotions under the carpet, and KAP allows emotions that have not been expressed in a healthy way to come out of the system and be released.

  • Body movements such as yoga postures, tremors, dance or mudras.

  • Ecstatic states or peaceful states.

  • Feeling very cold very hot.




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